Mawi Beach

Mawi beach is located approximately 40 minutes away to the west of Kuta Beach to the beach Selong Belanak. Views of the beautiful beach with white sand stretches suitable for recreational atmosphere.

Mawi beach is located about 5 km from the coast Selong mullet. The road to the beach mawi not so good. Still a dirt road. But after arriving at the beach mawi, all of which we have felt during the trip will go away after seeing the beautiful beach.

Mawi is one of the places on the island of Lombok is well liked by the surfer surfer surfer from local and overseas. Since the height of the waves on the beach mawi atmosphere is perfect for surfing.

Mawi in South Lombok is an exposed reef break that has fairly consistent surf. May-Oct (Dry Season) is the best time of year for waves. Offshore winds are from the east. Groundswells more frequent than windswells and the ideal swell direction is from the southwest. A left hand reef. When it’s working here, it can get crowded. Take care of rocks in the line up.

Mawi is one of all point in Lombok that really like by surfers, beautiful nature covered the surfer around the point make special sense for all. At Mawi you can enjoy the reef break, left hander, mid to high tide, there is also a right hander when swell is small. Not for beginner.


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