Ekas Bay

Inside Ekas is best known as a left and right hand peak (see the Indo Surfing Guide) which breaks in medium and large swells. The right is a high quality wave, particularly on low tide, suitable for advanced surfers. The left winds down the reef at high tide, a softer wave ideal for the less experienced surfer who wants a classic long ride. Both short and long boards are suitable on the left. The ride is longer at Ekas, but the left wave is like the well-known Grupuk peak, which has attracted many surfers from all over the world, particularly Japanese visitors.

Also in front of the property are Lombok’s only beginner surfing waves. The left and right “sand bar” peak is ideal for learning to surf. We provide surfboards and surf lessons. Directly in front of the property, a classic wave winds down the reef on moderate swells making an easy left for long boarders or beginners.

Outside Ekas, a solid left break, is best on high tide in large swells when a very long, heavy wave peels over 400-500 m down the reef and barrels in sections. The square take-off jacks up into a thick lip, over deep reef. Outsides also works when the swell is smaller, particularly around mid tide … a bit peaky at times, but still heaps of fun with some power in the waves.

The nearby “Southern Reefs” are really good in the wet season, or early mornings before the wind comes up in the dry. These reefs face straight into the swell and so they break nearly all the time. Hollow left and right peaks break in small swells. In large swells, one newly discovered hollow right winds over 800 m down the reef on the open coast.


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