Lombok Surfing

There are several different SURF SPOTS close around Kuta suitable for beginners until Surf experts, all easy reachable with a motorbike:

A nice white sandy beach, good for swimming and first surflessons. (ca. 1 hour ride from the Spot)

Fisher village, where you can only reach the 4 different surfspots with a local fisherboat. These are spots from beginners to experts, depending on swell conditions.(ca. 25 minutes ride from the Spot)

A rough wave more for advanced surfers. (ca. 15 minute ride from the Spot)

Also a wave for advanced surfers (ca. 45 minute ride from the Spot)

For BEACH LOVERS there are a few nice unspoiled beaches also not to far from “The Spot”:

Kilometer long, white sandy beaches. The calm waters are inviting to swim, and relax on the beach.
Other than the beaches and the surf, there are also traditional villages and weaving villages to show you the local way of living, as well as bat caves to visit.


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